Our philosophy

Our philosophy

We call the Lifestyle Retreats philosophy passionforlife. It’s the way we approach everything every day.

“passion” is the enthusiasm and fervour we put into everything we do in the company, in order to develop the right organisational mix to help others in every possible way.

“life” is all those small things that make up truly unique experiences – each employee in our family learns to identify and appreciate those things and pass on their importance to guests.

  • We want every guest to experience this passionforlife by having the most relaxing, blissful and luxurious stay possible, a time filled with personal discovery, recovery and fulfilment.
  • We want every employee to taste passionforlife by growing in confidence and skills, and feeling part of a close-knit global family.
  • We want hotel, villa and estate owners and investors to reap the rewards of our passionforlife through improved revenues and happier and more efficient staff.
  • We want our local communities to benefit from our passionforlife through our inclusion and generosity. Through our Corporate Social Responsibility program we employ as many local people as possible, actively support orphanages, participate in blood donations and help other local charitable and community events to create a better life for all.


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