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Terry Liew

Terry liewTerry had a back injury in 1984 and was on medical leave for many months. He had problems standing up, lying down and sitting down, even for 30 minutes. He was taking 20 painkillers every day and after a while – it made no difference whether he took the medicine – the pain persisted. The medicine made his muscles stiff and his body tired.

Terry tried the Japanese style massage – shiatsu and found it was most effective in resolving his back pain. He began to study Shiatsu out of interest. Since then, he has studied with more than 10 different teachers and found each teacher had a slightly different style and philosophy. In December 1996, Terry went into full time teaching, practicing, researching and developing his bodywork techniques.

Terry Liew founded The Shiatsu School, Singapore in 1997, to

  1. promote the healing arts and share with as many people as we can on the benefits of this ancient therapy through our
    workshops and courses
  2. bench mark the Asian spa industry for training standards and for massage therapy services offered

The Shiatsu School ( has offered numerous on site workshops and seminars to the public and private organizations.

These include luxury hotels, fitness clubs, country clubs, medical centres, institutions of higher learning, government bodies, private organizations, beauty and massage training schools, day spas, resort and destination spas, and perfume and cosmetic companies.

The Shiatsu School has featured in leading newspapers, radio, magazines and in television in Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Japan.

Terry is certified from the Japanese Massage and Bodywork Institute in Anma (Traditional Japanese Massage), Japanese Facials, Japanese Hot Stone Massage, Japanese Chair Massage and Shiatsu (Modern Japanese Massage based on pressure points).

Other disciplines studied include:

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