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Phillip Arndt

Phillip ardntPhillip Arndt is an internationally renowned speaker, workshop facilitator and holistic practitioner, practicing in Singapore, Bangkok, Bali, Hong Kong and Australia. His workshops and talks have inspired many people to realize their true potential.

His healing work has transformed the lives of many people, bringing wholeness and healing, and assisted the lives of people with life-threatening diseases such as cancer.

Phillip is committed to the cause of raising awareness on this planet and empowering people around the globe to realize their true nature and fulfill their destiny of abundance and love.

He passionately believes that individual transformation is what will lead to transformation of the planet – beginning with individual healing and working outwards. It is this that has lead to his involvement as Executive Director of the Imagine Movement, to which he brings his vision, dedication to ‘the big picture’, his clarity, energy, integrity, compassion, awareness, and brightness of spirit.

One of the first activities Phillip led for the Imagine Movement was a Global Retreats Programme, commencing with an inspiring holistic retreat in Bali in 2004. Imagine Retreats aims to become a premier provider of retreats in Asia, bringing change and awareness to a wide population of people, creating change from the ‘inside out’. For more information, see

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