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David Agustino

David AgustinoDirector & Partner

David is an Indonesian National educated in Montreal, Canada, where he lived for more than eight years and graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree majoring in Finance.

Since 1989, David has been managing his family-owned distribution business in Indonesia, mostly servicing heavy machinery industries and looking after ten branches across the country, with extensive travel commitments across Asia Pacific and beyond.

Prompted by these travels, David developed a desire for a more spacious and comfortable yet peaceful and private style of accommodation to rest and rejuvenate. In addition to his responsibilities in managing his business, David joined The Bale management team to realise his dreams of operating a hotel in Bali, probably the most ideal of Indonesia destinations.

With his established insights in the hospitality industry and his extensive business experience, David joined the board of directors of Lifestyle Retreats.

On personal note, David is married to Theresia and a proud father of three children. Cars and bikes are his passion, as well as IT. To keep physically fit, he has played badminton twice a week for more than 15 years.

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