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Daniel & Snow Reid

Daniel & SnowDaniel Reid is a leading authority in Chinese Medicine, Chi Gung, Meditation and other aspects of traditional Chinese and Taoist treatments learnt from various Chinese Masters during his 18 years living in Taiwan.

Daniel is also the author of numerous books on Health and well-being including “The Complete Book of Chinese Health and Healing” and “The Tao of Detox”.

Daniel and his wife Snow, a highly skilled healing energy therapist, hold series of seminars and health related treatments in Asia Pacific, Europe and Australia.

During those programs they provide Internal Cleansing Fast with Colonics, Magnum Bath Therapies, Energy Treatments & Diagnosis, Healing, and Total Detoxification programs and workshops based on Daniel’s latest book, “The Tao of Detox”.

Complementing these programs they also offer treatments through the “Bodihealth” clinical device! a fantastic, highly powerful cellular detox and regeneration treatment using electro-regeneresis.

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